As a BPG member association, we hereby agree to respect and conduct our business in accordance with this Charter of Principles:

1 To promote the concept of bioprotection in sustainable protection programs in agriculture as well as in public health, forestry, home and garden, structural, industrial, and institutional pest control.
2 To operate with compliance for the laws and regulations, and respect for soft laws including guidance and advisory best practices (and any modifications, amendments and updates) of each country in which we conduct business.
3 To operate with respect for the environment.
4 To operate with respect for public health and worker safety.
5 To operate in an ethical manner.
6 To promote open communication with governments, IGOs, NGOs, educational institutions, research organisations, and the general public regarding the use of bioprotection technologies.
7 To adhere to the FAO Code of Conduct ISPM3 and International Code of Conduct on Pesticide Management.

Member associations are therefore entitled to benefit from this responsible engagement by using the BPG logo on communication.