The Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers (ANBP) is a professional association representing the biological pest management industry. Augmentative biological control utilizes beneficial insects, mites and nematodes to manage agricultural, horticultural and plant pests. ANBP membership includes producers, distributors, and in addition, users of natural enemies as well as allied industry supporters, university researchers, extension agents and regulatory representatives.  ANBP’s mission is to address key issues of the augmentative biological control industry through advocacy, education, and quality assurance.

ASOBIOCOL and its members seek to work hand in hand with the agribusiness associations including the Ministries of Agriculture and Rural Development,and with the institutionality and academia related to agriculture to increase the use of new technologies in agriculture. The goal of the partnership is to renew the sector agriculture to make it a true vehicle for welfare, progress and development and to contribute to the materialization of Colombia as a competitive, reconciled and sustainable agricultural provider.

The mission of the Biological Products Industry Alliance (BPIA) is to promote the responsible development of safe and effective biological products as beneficial tools for agriculture, horticulture, public health, and consumers through education, outreach, and advocacy activities.

The Argentine Chamber of Bioinputs brings together companies dedicated to the development and commercialization of bio-inputs. The purpose of the Chamber is to accompany companies in different aspects of strengthening bio-inputs. The Chamber helps facilitate and expedite the process to bring products to the markets, promotes spaces and activities for dissemination, and promotes and provides training in bio-inputs.

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CropLife Brasil has more than 20 associated companies that offer to the market innovative, quality microbiological and macrobiological biopesticides, contributing significantly to pest control in Brazilian agriculture. The mission of the Brazilian Association of Biological Control Companies is to join the companies of biological control seeking strengthening and the representativeness of the sector.

IBMA aims to be the voice of the Biocontrol industry and effectively represent all its members at national and supranational levels. Therefore IBMA provides a platform for its members to express and share their views to further shape one common positioning towards institutional actors, policy makers, media and the public. With a strong European focus, IBMA promotes the strong growth in the use of biocontrol products while establishing a global network of support.

The goal of the Japan Biocontrol Association is to establish and disseminate “IPM program” that combines biological control technology (natural enemy preparation, microbial insecticide / fungicide) and pheromone agent not only with biological control technology, but also chemical pesticide that can be used in combination with those technologies. By enlightening, the JBA aims to support sustainable agricultural production and contribute to the development of agriculture in Japan.

The goal of the PMFAI is to support the use of protection products so as to ensure high quality abundant food, fibre & other utilizing crops for the growing populations in the Indian sub-continent.

The South African Bioproduct Organisation (SABO) was established in 2013 as a brainchild between DAFF, various Universities and research institutions as well as the bioproduct industry to improve the standards of bioproducts in the market in order to protect both the market and the end users. The purpose of SABO is to develop the bioproduct industry in South Africa and to regulate the activities of participants in accordance with high ethical and science-based standards.