BioProtection Global (BPG) is a federation of regional and national bioprotection (biocontrol/biopesticide) associations. BPG exists to give a global voice to regional and national associations whose members engage in the development and/or manufacture of bioprotection technologies as well as to give stakeholders seeking information and communication on bioprotection a clear line of communication to bioprotection contacts around the world.

BPG looks to deliver efficiencies by identifying common needs and avoid duplication in areas that extend beyond national or regional issues. The role of BPG is to identify those common issues and to assign appropriate member resources in pursuit of deliverables to serve the betterment of all member organisations.

BPG Member Associations:

  • Must be dedicated to bioprotection. For regions or countries where no devoted biocontrol association exists, Named Committees (whose members are limited to companies active in bioprotection) of other more broadly focused associations are eligible to join
  • Are encouraged to approach BPG activities with regional perspective rather than national focus
  • Should include, in their mission and objectives, promotion of bioprotection technologies as a part of sustainable protection programmes in agriculture as well as in public health, forestry, home and garden, structural, industrial, , and institutional pest control
  • Should strive to promote open communication with governments, IGOs, NGOs, educational institutions, research organizations, and authorities and other stakeholders regarding the use of bioprotection technologies
  • Should promote global harmonisation of science-based policy and regulations concerning bioprotection technologies
  • Should operate with respect for the environment, public health, and worker safety
  • Should operate in an ethical manner
  • Should respect the right of other association members to bring their products to market and develop and promote them for use in a sustainable manner without hindrance
  • Will operate with respect for the laws and regulations, soft laws including guidance and advisory best practices (and any modifications, amendments, and updates) of each country in which they conduct business