BioProtection Global (BPG) is a worldwide federation of biocontrol and biopesticides industry associations.

These associations are comprised primarily of manufacturers of biocontrol and biopesticide products for professional use in agriculture, animal health and other non-crop uses.


BPG aims to represent the bioprotection industry for key topics on a global scale in order to promote bioprotection and harmonise proportionate regulations.


BPG was created to serve as a platform for the biocontrol industry to express and share its views to further shape one common positioning and ensure consistency in policy and other messages toward institutional actors and other stakeholders. BPG will:

  • Identify common needs and avoid duplication in areas that extend beyond national or regional issues
  • Work on proportionate regulations for biocontrol agents with relevant global or regional organisations and authorities and to harmonise such regulations worldwide as much as possible
  • Promote bioprotection and a broad adoption of the use of its products in integrated pest management programmes with respect to human health and the environment to provide a more sustainable world
  • Provide a network for members and participate in meetings, conferences, etc. to advocate bioprotection
  • Assign appropriate member resources in pursuit of deliverables to serve the betterment of all member organisations


  • Industry associations for biocontrol and biopesticide manufacturers and associated members
  • Associations with a regional perspective rather than a national approach
  • Should strive for harmonisation and proportionality in regulations and assist each other where possible
  • Should meet the membership requirements
  • Should accept and adhere to the Charter of Principles

Identity and Terminology

BioProtection is regarded as a concept of pest and disease management using products based on natural (or nature-identical) substances and/or living organisms with a low impact on human health and the environment. For the purposes of BPG, BioProtection includes Biocontrol and Biopesticides.

Biocontrol often refers to the use of macro-organisms such as insects, mites, nematodes. They are often called natural enemies, or beneficials.

Biopesticides refer to products based on, among others, microorganisms, semio-chemicals, natural biochemical substances, botanicals, etc.

Biostimulants, biofertilizers as well as plant biotechnology fall outside the scope of BPG.